Carlos is visiting China to work with Mr. Jinyuan Huang

For the next two weeks, Carlos will be visiting Mr. Jinyuan Huang researcher of the Chengdu Institue of Geology and Mineral Resources. During his stay, Carlos will be working at several Triassic localities in Central and South China looking for well preserved conodont clusters, and perhaps even the conodont animal.

Humberto and Carlos are visiting the Oxford University Museum.

For two weeks, Humberto and Carlos are visiting the Oxford University Museum to work with Dr. Imran Rahman in Computed Fluid Dynamics. As a part of Humberto’s PhD thesis we want to explore the hydrodynamic performance of highly disparitate agnathan headshields.

Humberto is visiting Donoghue’s lab for the next 3 months

Humberto is just leaving Spain to join the research group directed by Professor Philip Donoghue in Bristol (UK). He is going to get some training in Computed Fluid Dynamics and Tomography during the next three months. We wish you the best of luck!

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