Publications 2019

  • Sébastien Olive, Alan Pradel, Carlos Martínez-Pérez, Philippe Janvier, James C. Lamsdell, Pierre Gueriau, Nicolas Rabet, Philippe Duranleau-Gagnon, Andres L. Cardenas-Rozo, Paula A. Zapata Ramirez and Héctor Botella. 2019. New insights into Late Devonian vertebrates and associated fauna from the Cuche Formation (Floresta Massif, Colombia). Journal of Vertebrate Palaeontolgy.
  • Esther Manzanares, María José Escudero-Mozo, Humberto G. Ferrón, Carlos Martínez-Pérez and Héctor Botella. in press. Middle Triassic sharks from teh Catalan Coastal Range (NE Spain) and fauanl colonization patterns of East Iberia during the Triassic westward transgression of the Tethys. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeocology

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