Mr. Fernando A. M. Arnal


I graduated in BSc Biology at the Autonomous University of Madrid and got an MSc degree in Applied Paleontology at the University of Valencia. My master’s degree final project was an analysis of the connectivity patterns, structural complexity and modularity of the skull roof of Placodermi. Currently, I am a PhD student at the Early Vertebrate Evolution Research-Lab Valencia under the supervision of Dr. Héctor Botella Sevilla and Dr. Carlos Martínez Pérez. My research interests lie in the macroevolutionary mechanisms and constraints that shaped specific anatomical structures, like the skull. I am interested in exploring the application of modern anatomical and morphological analysis tools, such as anatomical networks analysis (AnNA), geometric morphometrics, computed tomography, fluid dynamics simulation and finite elements analysis (FEA), to the study of the evolution of early vertebrates throughout the different lineages.

Email: fermarar at