Dr. Carlos Martinez-Perez

After my PhD on the systematics of Devonian conodonts from the Pyrenees (north Spain), I focused my research on more paleobiological aspects of conodonts, trying to shed light on the function and biological affinities of this group of putative primitive vertebrates. During my Marie Curie Postdoc (2011-2014) at the University of Bristol under the supervision of Prof. Philip Donoghue, I was trained in numerous computational techniques for tomographic and functional analysis. The development of my postdoc allowed me to combine the applications of these pioneering techniques such as synchrotron tomography, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), digital occlusal analysis (OFA), and Computed Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to the study of the conodont skeleton. In new position as Associate Professor at the University of Valencia, I want to apply all these techniques to the study of our own evolutionary linage in order to answer important questions about the functional and morphological evolution of the vertebrate skeleton.

Email: Carlos.Martinez-Perez at uv.es