Dr. Hector Botella (Team Leader)

My PhD was centered on the systematic and biostratigraphic study of Devonian vertebrates from the Iberain Range. During my PhD I had the chance to visit several institutions, such us the Institut für Paläontologie Museum für Naturkunde of Berlin and the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle of Paris under the supervision of Dr. Hans-Peter Schultze and Dr. Phillipe Janvier respectively. Afterwards, during my post-doctoral studies, I specialized in biomechanics and hydrodynamics techniques at the Geology Department of the Instituto de Mecánica de los Fluidos e Ingeniería Ambiental of the University of the Republic (Uruguay). I applied these techniques to the study of early vertebrates and it is one of the research lines that I’m interested in developing.
Currently, I’m a Professor at the University of Valencia and my research is focused on the palaleobiology and evolution of early vertebrates; with special interest in the origin and evolution of the dentition in vertebrates and the evolution of chondrichthyans (sharks and rays) in particular. Another field I’m interested in is modularity and complexity in the evolution of the vertebrate skeleton.

Email: Hector.Botella at uv.es