Mr. Humberto Ferron

Since childhood I have always showed a deep interest on the natural world and fossils in particular. In 2012 I graduated in Biology from the University of Valencia, and after my Master studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2013), I started my PhD at University of Valencia on the palaeoecology of early vertebrates. Under the supervision of Dr. Héctor Botella Sevilla and Dr. Carlos Martínez Pérez, my thesis objectives are focussed on (1) the study of the relationship between the squamation pattern and the ecology of living sharks with the goal of making lifestyle inferences in early vertebrates with similar squamation (i.e., thelodonts, acanthodians and chondrichthyans), (2) the study of swimming strategies and hydrodynamics of extinct agnathan fishes by means of Computed Fluid Dynamics, and (3) the application of geometric morphometrics to establish ecomorphological relationships in living taxa in order to make palaeoecological inferences in extinct early vertebrates.

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